Designed - Built - Installed - To Your Individual Requirements

Welcome to the designs page!

Here are some fitted bedroom layouts created with Articad design software. This shows a realistic image of your room, so you can see how it will look before you place an order.

These are actual bedrooms fitted by us - the customers were able to receive the images by email in their own homes or at work to study in their own time. On many occasions, I was able to alter the colour or design of door, in a few minutes and email it back. Altering the layout of a bedroom is quick to do, and by using email speeds up the decision process. My customers find it very useful to be able to see different ideas on screen and forward them to their partners or children, even friends for their opinions.

Example CAD design

High gloss black (below ) creates a mirror like effect

High gloss can be in vinyl or Acrylic - giving a very smooth gloss like a car body finish.

Acrylic surfaces and doors can only be square edged, but Vinyl can have shaped edges.

Example CAD design